Large-scale study led by Professor Jenny Chang-Claude (Jenny Chang-Claude) in the walls of the Research Institute of cancer diseases and German Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf seized 3464 breast cancer patients and 6657 healthy women aged 50-74 years. Participants detailed answers to questions related to their physical activity during two age periods: from 30 to 49 years and after 50.

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Comparative analysis of the data in both groups showed: healthy women were more sedentary lives than their counterparts on the experiment with a diagnosis of cancer, and thus, according to scientists, reduced the risk of malignant tumors after menopause by about a third.

Moreover, to improve the degree of protection, as it turned out, not necessarily straining in the gym, two hours of walking and cycling hour every day - that's a recipe most advanced sports subjects from "Sportswoman." In the group of patients with breast cancer, by contrast, the most inert participants admitted that they walked on the strength of half an hour a day. Another important conclusion is that the older the woman, the greater the benefit derives from the sport body, especially after menopause.

Having carefully studied the varieties of breast cancer, doctors have come to the conclusion that physically active women are less likely to attack tumors that have receptors ("respond to the call") of two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. It is this type of tumors was observed in 62.5% of the volunteers of the study.


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    December 2013