Women in their late twenties easiest way to lose weight, because they are due to an active social life most concerned about their weight - so they better concentrate on losing weight. British research on 3,000 women revealed that the most successful child begin with 28 years ago.
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Women in their thirties are too busy to track their weight, while those in the forties and fifties have no desire to have a perfect body.

Women in their late twenties have the time, the will to care about their appearance and body, while the ladies cross the thirtieth too busy to keep track of your weight. Only in in the forties and fifties are losing really interests to take care of themselves and to have a perfect body - almost 40 percent of women in this age is considered to have reached a peak and the appearance is not a priority.

Otherwise, the test revealed that women annually held two serious children lasts at least a month and a half and three quarters of them admitted that at least one attempt to fight with their weight fails.


- all women marry later, until then lead an active life and it makes sense why so easy to lose weight. In addition to this phase of life and is imperative to look good, so they imauju and supportive environment which is very important - said Sue Beck, leader of the research.

Sudden Deafness
Hearing loss in a few seconds
Suddenly deaf? It can. In case of sudden deafness takes someone hearing by clear and sometimes by obscure causes lightning fast. That could take months and never change in the worst case.

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Sudden Deafness occurs annually in eight of the hundred thousand people.

They experience worsening hearing within seconds to minutes. Sometimes that just happens in the sleep state and the next day someone unsuspectingly on a cock, tinny, distorted or echoing sound. Sometimes the sound altogether disappeared. Sudden Deafness is almost always in one ear, only in very rare cases affect both ears affected.

Usually there with sudden deafness also talk of tinnitus and hearing victims a whooshing, humming, or whistling sound boom.
In one third of cases, sudden deafness leads to disturbances in the balance.

That differs from a light-headedness and uncertainty infirm, to severe vertigo with a tendency to fall over. Severe forms of balance disorders go again often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Finally, many patients suffer from a feeling of pressure or a full, clogged feeling in or around the ear where the sudden deafness occurred.

A clogged ear helps cleaning it is not always sufficient. The doctor or nurse can then ear syringing. He often first checks whether the symptoms are caused by clot earwax. If that's the case, they squirt warm water into your ear canal. When the water starts to flow out of your ear, it takes the prop with it.

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Once your ear is well dried, you can usually hear back fine and it is clogged feeling disappeared. Usually you get a towel placed on your shoulder and a drip pan under your ear. Sometimes it is necessary to have the spraying for repeating a few times, there must be a parenthesis begins to fall.

Blending is generally painless. Sometimes you get a little dizzy. The fumbling in your ear can cause coughing, because the nerve that goes to your windpipe go past the ear.
It is not always possible to spray. Ears off In one ear discharge, a hole in the eardrum, or if you've had to make for example.

Hole in the eardrum surgery close Even if after a squirt ear inflammation occurs, it is not advisable to repeat the spraying again The doctor will then refer you to an otolaryngologist.


An otolaryngologist uses instruments (Incidentally, lashes and vacuum cleaner) to the wax out as gently as possible to work: the so-called toilet. Often, the ENT doctor also uses a roomy ceroscopy. In most cases it is done within a few seconds, but sometimes it can take minutes.

The outer ear and ear canal clean Rooting in your ears is out of the question: the swab should never ear canal. If you make sure that the cotton plume is visible, you cannot go too deep and it is unlikely that you push the ear wax again
A tissue cans the ear canal also clean and dry.

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 Fold the tissue around your little finger, keep your head tilted as possible and bring your finger in your ear without forcing it. To dry your ear is a minute blow dry is also an option. Did you often suffer from a clogged ear? With a daily drop of oil can keep the wax smoothly.

This prevents drying out of the wall of the ear canal. Allows you stimulate the natural cleaning function. If you have a hole in your eardrum or tubes, you should first think about it with a doctor.
Pins, hair clips, paper clips ... People use all sorts of tools earwax remove. However, this is not without risk: the skin of the ear may be damaged and the wax can accumulate (deep) in the ear.

Some tools are available at your pharmacy, have the same effect. Solvers The wax that you can buy at the chemist solve the wax not really. They have the same effect as oil: the wax is thinner and sometimes soaked separately from the ear canal skin. Some solvers contain preservatives that an allergic reaction may include vomiting.

You will need:
Gloves Clean towel Rolls of gauze Scissors Tweezers Scalpel Small container with cloth examine 0.2%.
Soapy water
I think.
Plastic bag
- Opening of an abscess at the foot of a fingernail
Do this:

Put on the gloves.
Clean skin abscess in and around it with gauze soaked in cloth examine.
Cover the skin around the abscess with gauze to absorb the released pus.
With a scalpel, cut along the length of the abscess Use scissors and tweezers to remove dead skin abscess wipe the pus that was released with gauze. Place contaminated gauze in plastic bag.

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Wash the wound with soap and water until thoroughly clean. Spend finally soaked gauze cloth examine. Clean healthy skin with clean gauze.
Put a bandage on the wound.

- Open the abscess. Then using tweezers and scissors cut the dead skin abscess
HIV the HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system cells. Once damaged most of the immune system, the body can no longer defend itself against infections, and the infection becomes AIDS. The death rate from AIDS is 100%.

The erysipelas is a skin infection, which is in most cases caused by streptococcus bacteria. The infection begins in a wound in the skin which is infected by the bacteria. Symptoms
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The infected area extends along the lymphatic area. The lymph glands swell and ache.
Occurs fever and chills. The site of infection, the skin becomes red, painful, hot, swollen and stretched. The border between the infected and healthy area is clearly visible with different colors.

The observation and treatment should be carried out in collaboration with the physician. Select, in cooperation with the doctor, which antibiotic use.

If the infection is not stopped by antibiotics, the risk of spread It can be spread in the form of abscesses, sepsis, etc
Abscesses are local infections caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria, which enter through scratches or by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Symptoms

Inflammation begins with a little red, painful and hot bubble. This bubble grows and fills with pus. The content can move relative to the inner skin.
Begin treatment emptying, cleaning and disinfecting the bubble. After consulting the doctor, take an antibiotic.

The patient has a fever between 39 and 40 ° C.
It is vital to exclude the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. This can be done by performing an interrogation the patient and making the urine pregnancy tests.

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It is also important to exclude the possibility of appendicitis. If the pain is located on the right side of the abdomen, one can not exclude the possibility of appendicitis unless the patient has already undergone surgery to Appendix.

Other types of urine test could reveal the presence of a bacterial infection.
The test strips for detecting the presence of white blood cells (leukocytes to test) and in part to the presence of nitrites, which are produced by certain bacteria. The nitrite test is unreliable because in 30% of cases did not reveal infection.

The observation and treatment should be carried out in collaboration with the physician. Select, in cooperation with the doctor, which antibiotic use.


Abdominal infections are not dangerous, when they are given the proper treatments, but can make it difficult to conceive.
The risk you run with abdominal infections there is the possibility of confusion with cases where there is even an ectopic pregnancy or appendicitis.

I felt the world as one big allegory of a police officer specifically for me personified evil, bureaucracy and senseless execution of orders, which I refused to accept it.
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 I felt at that moment as omnipotent savior that will save not only the world, but for sure the entire universe. In this spirit, I wrote the bulk e-mail, where I identified myself as the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary.

The following year I was completely off - on antidepressants, anti psychos, psychologist psychiatrist Week in Bernice. A "friends" fell off ... Until finally leaving only the faithful, my closest.
I started to work, but much

Gradually my condition stabilized, I began to flourish again, I got into my new job I love. I fought one another in any suicidal thoughts that flashed willy-nilly by themselves.

I kept inside; however, bore a kind of injustice, betrayal, hopelessness and absurdity.
 However, I managed it all consciously suppressed; subconscious as well did what they wanted. In an effort to forget everything and lovelorn love above all and focus only on "what matters" I took an incredible amount of duties that would not make it possible or Superman.

 I slept four hours a day, flying from place to place, living an active social style. It was clear that sooner or later blew again. However, realizing it perhaps all my loved ones only I did not.
In the eleventh hour, they drove me back to the psychiatric hospital.

In five minutes to twelve, because this time it did not reach to the so-called "psychotic attack of" that occurred in Peru. In Bernice I spent five weeks and I think it was mainly because I knew what had actually sharpened. And among other things, I found that it is far form’s not alone...

My not so exuberant imagination began to work at once on one hundred and six, and my purpose in life suddenly became search for truth, the Holy Grail or whatever you want to call it. In all of a sudden I saw the unmistakable signs.

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Then I came over its intellectual gallop lost control, ceased to distinguish between reality and dream, and in the final I even cut up the vest and the officer fired his mobile phone from the balcony outside.
Facts about treatment
Psychiatric diagnoses are treacherous. Each suit different drugs and even diagnosis is very difficult.
 In my case it took basically six years to determine the right one.

I arrived on psychotherapy have undergone many tests and anxiety in addition, we have worked with a variant of "personality disorders".

Early on, I went without medication for psychotic attack of it without them not.
The problem was that they were not entirely adequate. I've tried almost all psychiatric drugs that are on the market today.

In bipolar affective disorder are the mainstay of treatment for so-called "mood stabilizers", the most famous is probably Lithium.

This deploys psychiatrists and other types of drugs, most often antidepressants and antipsychotics.
The psychiatrist is also necessary to regularly occur initially calmly once a week, gradually about once a month.
The number and types of medications during treatment changes, at one time I took them nine daily. A year after the release of Bionic I have only one and in the future, hopefully, I can do without it.

Most Belgians suffer from stress at work
Biggest pain points: stress, appreciation and diversity
Almost all Belgian workers cope with stress.

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 That was the conclusion of a study by Trend House, the perceptions and desires of people examined in the workplace. Note also that want their employer and congestion increasingly perceived as a nuisance.

Workers appreciation
4,000 Belgians and 25 decision and opinion makers were asked about their perceptions and needs of the labor market. It showed that stress, appreciation and diversity are among the biggest pain points. Six in ten workers due to stress too much work. Young people between 20 and 35 do indicate that they want to be used more creatively and creative projects that could reduce their stress.

's call for more responsibility is also there. With men between 36 and 50, the combination of work and private life is often difficult, making flexible working hours or homework to work. Stress reducing apparent The growing problem of mobility allows for a lot of people stress.


In the age group 50-65 shows that people fear to not be able to join the labor market and sooner or later will be pushed to the side. Seven diseases the study also showed that Walloons more stress than Flemings.


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