Velvets: Understand gonococci infections represented by berth lenities and sequential and by arthritis, since it is a generic term for infections of the vulva and 6 Cystitis trinities:

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 Flaming or difficulty in urination, purulent flow.
Collide 7: Are the most common disorders of female genital organ, whose epithelium is not protected by a horny layer, and thus is easily attacked by pathogenic microorganisms.

Cervical endow merits: It is almost always caused by gonococcus which may cause sapling nits and peril peritonitis when propagates upward, Para merits, when lateral spread, and compete, downward. Menstruation causes an exacerbation of the

inflammatory process.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

10 Inflammation tubal

11 Inability to become pregnant (sterility)

Gonorrhea in children

The infection in the newly - born of the unborn arises through contact with secretions from infected mother by gonorrhea.
A girl at the pre - puberty, both the vulva and the urethra did not show resistance to infection by the gonococcus, hence the ease of a gonococci Volvo virginities by adult contact with infected or contaminated objects such as towels and
covers private.

The treatment of gonorrhea, and any other disease should always be done by physicians, since the disordered intake of antibiotics is not always the case indicated with doses insufficient, making erroneously set times, etc..


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