Narrowing of the urethra, forcing maneuvers intended to undo or at least minimize the effects of contrition caused. 9 Infection median rape of the penis:

An infection quite rare, and when it occurs, constitutes the only manifestation of a chronic gonorrhea.
 Notices a red line, caused by inflammation, which ends in a tiny hole, which you can do come out a little drop of pus by manual expression from the site

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Inguinal adenitis 10: may follow a infection, a or both sides, with the appearance of a little pain. Phlebitis 11 of penile veins and limp hangtags of the dorsal vein of the male genital organ: these cases are rarely checked on a blend tragic infection, since they are more products from trauma.

12 Inflammation in the prostate and testicles
13 Inability to father children (infertility)
As in man, the woman can also submit a trig unities or an inguinal adenitis. But the most common and most serious complications are reported below:

1 Sequential:. Inflammation of Scene’s glands Bart holiness 2: Inflammation of the Bartholdi’s glands. Salinities 3: Presents under a variety of names, of which the most used is "pelvic inflammatory disease", DIP.

PID comprises inflammations and infections that lie cervical upward, reaching therefore the body of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic peritoneum. 4 gonococci Septicemia: Rare due to antibiotics, is responsible for dermatitis, arthritis, endocarditic, perished patties, and meningitis, among others.


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