Exercise, there are some rules that we must adhere to, and that is avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. It is advisable to drinking water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep the skin as elastic. Recommended and massage, as in the fight against cellulite it is very efficient.

Best Muscles Building Program

After sporting activities recommended bath (temperature 37-38 degrees) with a special recipe. The water is needed to add sea salt that is rich in iodine. In shops herbs can be purchased 50 grams of the bark of horse chestnut, then cook, Strain and pour into the tub.

Horse chestnut contains saponin aescin and elements that protect capillaries. When all this was mixed in the bath, it is necessary to wait 15 minutes and then lie down in the bath in order to facilitate the circulation of the extremities.

After this, it is advisable to smearing and body parts that are affected by cellulite an anti-cellulite cream. It is advisable immediately after baths and circular massage for 5 minutes. This massage stimulates metabolism and breaks down fatty deposits.


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