Can lead to complications sometimes serious, with the spread of gonorrhea for the prostate, seminal vesicles; elide divides and testes in the male or the uterus, tubes, ovaries and attachments, in women

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First of all, who wants to be free of gonorrhea, it is necessary to prevent...

People with only one sexual partner are less likely to acquire gonorrhea.
It's very important to use condoms and spermicidal. The condom is a barrier between the body and the bacterium that
causes gonorrhea.
Spermicidal help eliminate any micro-organism that comes into contact with them.
The best prevention is that it only has a fixed sexual partner, and still, there is the use condoms and spermicidal. Source:

Signs, symptoms and treatment of syphilis
Systemic infectious disease (affects the whole body), which evolves from chronic (slow) form and having periods (manifested sharply) and latency periods (without symptoms) May involve multiple organs (skin,

Eyes, bones, cardiovascular system, nervous system) According to some features of its evolution syphilis is divided into: . Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Latent When passed from mother to fetus is called congenital syphilis.

The important thing to be considered here is their primary lesion, also called inoculation (chancre), which is the gateway agent in the body the cancer patient.

 This is a non painful ulcerated lesion (chancre) (or bit painful), generally only with the hard, smooth, shiny base, presence of serous fluid (liquid, transparent) scarce and that can occur in the labia, female genital organ, clitoris


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