Today there are a lot of treatments that help in removing cellulite. Some of them are quite expensive and some cheaper. Before starting any treatment, particularly in the more expensive, it is advisable to first try to get a healthy diet. In addition to the diet has a positive effect on the body, it affects the cellulite is located beneath the skin. Here are a few more things to be applied when creating a child.
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-  Detoxification . The toxins trapped in the body of the right cellulite and how to solve them you need to drink juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
Reduce Cellulite

-  Reduce water retention in the body, because it allows toxins to remain in the body. salty foods and canned food has salt retains water in the body. Lactose is another cause water retention in the body.

-  Drink plenty of water . Although it is strange, but drinking water reduces water retention. When the body has enough water, it helps the kidneys to excrete toxins from the body. To start with, it is advisable drink of six to eight glasses a day. This helps the person eats less and feels sieve.

-  Reduce intake of fat. Foods high in fat and provides additional weight creates cellulite. Instead, we should choose foods that have fewer calories, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In this way, the body will have less fat and fiber to repair the damaged tissue, which makes it possible to show cellulite under the skin.

More small meals during the day. more smaller meals makes a person a sieve, and the food is easier to digest. This will make the person binges. During the meal, it is advisable to chew them slowly to the meal spread. The body takes about 20 minutes to realize that this is a sieve, and during slow eating body will receive this message before the people overeat.

With these few advices, diets for the prevention of cellulite, which is applied will be more efficient, and the results will be seen soon.

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