Today there are a lot of treatments that help in removing cellulite. Some of them are quite expensive and some cheaper. Before starting any treatment, particularly in the more expensive, it is advisable to first try to get a healthy diet. In addition to the diet has a positive effect on the body, it affects the cellulite is located beneath the skin. Here are a few more things to be applied when creating a child.
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-  Detoxification . The toxins trapped in the body of the right cellulite and how to solve them you need to drink juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
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-  Reduce water retention in the body, because it allows toxins to remain in the body. salty foods and canned food has salt retains water in the body. Lactose is another cause water retention in the body.

-  Drink plenty of water . Although it is strange, but drinking water reduces water retention. When the body has enough water, it helps the kidneys to excrete toxins from the body. To start with, it is advisable drink of six to eight glasses a day. This helps the person eats less and feels sieve.

-  Reduce intake of fat. Foods high in fat and provides additional weight creates cellulite. Instead, we should choose foods that have fewer calories, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In this way, the body will have less fat and fiber to repair the damaged tissue, which makes it possible to show cellulite under the skin.

More small meals during the day. more smaller meals makes a person a sieve, and the food is easier to digest. This will make the person binges. During the meal, it is advisable to chew them slowly to the meal spread. The body takes about 20 minutes to realize that this is a sieve, and during slow eating body will receive this message before the people overeat.

With these few advices, diets for the prevention of cellulite, which is applied will be more efficient, and the results will be seen soon.
Exercise, there are some rules that we must adhere to, and that is avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. It is advisable to drinking water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep the skin as elastic. Recommended and massage, as in the fight against cellulite it is very efficient.

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After sporting activities recommended bath (temperature 37-38 degrees) with a special recipe. The water is needed to add sea salt that is rich in iodine. In shops herbs can be purchased 50 grams of the bark of horse chestnut, then cook, Strain and pour into the tub.

Horse chestnut contains saponin aescin and elements that protect capillaries. When all this was mixed in the bath, it is necessary to wait 15 minutes and then lie down in the bath in order to facilitate the circulation of the extremities.

After this, it is advisable to smearing and body parts that are affected by cellulite an anti-cellulite cream. It is advisable immediately after baths and circular massage for 5 minutes. This massage stimulates metabolism and breaks down fatty deposits.

There are plenty of women who would prefer to turn the scalpel in order to get the perfect look without torture. In addition to improving the appearance of breasts in the form of cosmetic surgery is very popular and reducing cellulite. Yet women are advised to go sport against cellulite because surgery carries risks with it.

The body without cellulite
Cellulite is a problem for most women, and even 40 per cent of young girls under 25 admit they have a problem with cellulite. Cellulite is not elected, and women who have a perfect line as well as those who have a few extra pounds suffer from this problem.

However there are ways to fight cellulite. One of those ways is the introduction of sports activities in daily life routine. Playing sports gives the results a little slower than it could get to a doctor, but the sport will provide many excellent benefits the body by reducing cellulite.
In order to cure the problem of the boring, especially now flying, there are several methods. The most important thing is to introduce physical activity into your daily schedule. It may be aerobics, a gym or exercise at home, stepper or cycling, swimming or running.

Avoid an allergy
1. Do not put a Christmas tree
Some people have an allergic reaction to Christmas trees (Christmas spruce). It could be an allergic skin reaction in people who have a contact allergy to rosin, a substance found in the resin of trees. In people with allergic asthma may worsen asthma symptoms in areas where a Christmas tree stands.
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It is possible to have a reaction of the airways to fungi. The easiest way to prevent such allergic reactions is to get any Christmas tree at home or purchase. an artificial Christmas tree to when you still want a real Christmas tree, it is obvious that People with allergies rosin no skin contact with the tree may have in meeting and introduction or decorating the Christmas tree.
Even people that Christmas pieces with spruce branches, they might suffer from itching on hands and under their arms.

Moreover, it is important not to let it dry to airborne allergens (whether fungi, pollen or possibly resin particles) to the tree prevented. Let the tree rather not so many weeks rigged standing in the living room.

Be careful with Christmas decorations Christmas for a whole year is located in the attic is to unpack to considerable sneezing and watery eyes result in people who are sensitive to dust. Somebody else unpack the Christmas decorations and cleaning. And wrap the Christmas decorations after use in sealed plastic bags.

A possible explanation for the beneficial effect is that singing is a form of controlled breathing, and that this affects the heart rate variability favorable. Songs with long sentences have the same effect as breathing exercises in yoga. In other words through songs we can get some control over our mental state.
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 As a result, the braking distance (the distance that is needed to bring the car to a halt) longer than normal. At 50km per hour which is 5 meters longer and at 120 miles per hour 14 meters longer. That can be the difference between just dwell on time or a nasty collision.

Total stopping distance (in meters) at different speeds *

1.6 Second (When using smart phone)
• Ringing drivers walking up to 9 times more likely to have an accident than non-phoning drivers. According to a study by the University of Leuven accident risk increases by 75% when calling with mobile phone in hand and 24% for hands-free calling

Studies among driver’s shows that using the smart phone for reading and writing messages, the risk of an accident magnified at least 25 times (some studies even come out to 160 times greater). The Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research estimates that this year covered a few dozen fatalities.

• When one of the 10 bicycle accident injuries using the smart phone plays a role. In younger cyclists risk even twice as high

Can lead to complications sometimes serious, with the spread of gonorrhea for the prostate, seminal vesicles; elide divides and testes in the male or the uterus, tubes, ovaries and attachments, in women

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First of all, who wants to be free of gonorrhea, it is necessary to prevent...

People with only one sexual partner are less likely to acquire gonorrhea.
It's very important to use condoms and spermicidal. The condom is a barrier between the body and the bacterium that
causes gonorrhea.
Spermicidal help eliminate any micro-organism that comes into contact with them.
The best prevention is that it only has a fixed sexual partner, and still, there is the use condoms and spermicidal. Source:

Signs, symptoms and treatment of syphilis
Systemic infectious disease (affects the whole body), which evolves from chronic (slow) form and having periods (manifested sharply) and latency periods (without symptoms) May involve multiple organs (skin,

Eyes, bones, cardiovascular system, nervous system) According to some features of its evolution syphilis is divided into: . Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Latent When passed from mother to fetus is called congenital syphilis.

The important thing to be considered here is their primary lesion, also called inoculation (chancre), which is the gateway agent in the body the cancer patient.

 This is a non painful ulcerated lesion (chancre) (or bit painful), generally only with the hard, smooth, shiny base, presence of serous fluid (liquid, transparent) scarce and that can occur in the labia, female genital organ, clitoris

Velvets: Understand gonococci infections represented by berth lenities and sequential and by arthritis, since it is a generic term for infections of the vulva and 6 Cystitis trinities:

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 Flaming or difficulty in urination, purulent flow.
Collide 7: Are the most common disorders of female genital organ, whose epithelium is not protected by a horny layer, and thus is easily attacked by pathogenic microorganisms.

Cervical endow merits: It is almost always caused by gonococcus which may cause sapling nits and peril peritonitis when propagates upward, Para merits, when lateral spread, and compete, downward. Menstruation causes an exacerbation of the

inflammatory process.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

10 Inflammation tubal

11 Inability to become pregnant (sterility)

Gonorrhea in children

The infection in the newly - born of the unborn arises through contact with secretions from infected mother by gonorrhea.
A girl at the pre - puberty, both the vulva and the urethra did not show resistance to infection by the gonococcus, hence the ease of a gonococci Volvo virginities by adult contact with infected or contaminated objects such as towels and
covers private.

The treatment of gonorrhea, and any other disease should always be done by physicians, since the disordered intake of antibiotics is not always the case indicated with doses insufficient, making erroneously set times, etc..

Narrowing of the urethra, forcing maneuvers intended to undo or at least minimize the effects of contrition caused. 9 Infection median rape of the penis:

An infection quite rare, and when it occurs, constitutes the only manifestation of a chronic gonorrhea.
 Notices a red line, caused by inflammation, which ends in a tiny hole, which you can do come out a little drop of pus by manual expression from the site

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Inguinal adenitis 10: may follow a infection, a or both sides, with the appearance of a little pain. Phlebitis 11 of penile veins and limp hangtags of the dorsal vein of the male genital organ: these cases are rarely checked on a blend tragic infection, since they are more products from trauma.

12 Inflammation in the prostate and testicles
13 Inability to father children (infertility)
As in man, the woman can also submit a trig unities or an inguinal adenitis. But the most common and most serious complications are reported below:

1 Sequential:. Inflammation of Scene’s glands Bart holiness 2: Inflammation of the Bartholdi’s glands. Salinities 3: Presents under a variety of names, of which the most used is "pelvic inflammatory disease", DIP.

PID comprises inflammations and infections that lie cervical upward, reaching therefore the body of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic peritoneum. 4 gonococci Septicemia: Rare due to antibiotics, is responsible for dermatitis, arthritis, endocarditic, perished patties, and meningitis, among others.

It's no secret that excess weight is not touring and celebrities and famous. Suzana Mančić, Victor DDS, Vanja Udovicic, Seka Aleksic, Milena Dravić, Vesna Radusinović ... just some nutritionists who Branko Mitrovic helped to safe way to lose excess pounds. This lady finding a few catch to you easily and healthily grew gaunt.

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Each man has his own pace of life and different nutritional needs. That is why some children are not successful at all
The treatment process skidnja pounds begin when a patient enters the clinic.

 Waiting for measuring it, and then by Doctor Consultations in connection with the part of the body that is "critical."

- First we make precise measurements of the patient, weight, height, girth, percentage of fat. Followed by a conversation with their physician, and then we work on reducing weight.

The basic program lasts seven weeks. We choose the type and quantity of food. Each patient can give instructions where to buy healthy foods, and above all teach them how to prepare healthy food.

There is no magic, nicely equip you for every meal. The most important thing is that you do not starve. All children imply starvation are short of breath, and then the body weakens significantly. We cannot give up food, and they should not. Glad to be just feel the morning - The doctor says Branka.



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