Avoid an allergy
1. Do not put a Christmas tree
Some people have an allergic reaction to Christmas trees (Christmas spruce). It could be an allergic skin reaction in people who have a contact allergy to rosin, a substance found in the resin of trees. In people with allergic asthma may worsen asthma symptoms in areas where a Christmas tree stands.
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It is possible to have a reaction of the airways to fungi. The easiest way to prevent such allergic reactions is to get any Christmas tree at home or purchase. an artificial Christmas tree to when you still want a real Christmas tree, it is obvious that People with allergies rosin no skin contact with the tree may have in meeting and introduction or decorating the Christmas tree.
Even people that Christmas pieces with spruce branches, they might suffer from itching on hands and under their arms.

Moreover, it is important not to let it dry to airborne allergens (whether fungi, pollen or possibly resin particles) to the tree prevented. Let the tree rather not so many weeks rigged standing in the living room.

Be careful with Christmas decorations Christmas for a whole year is located in the attic is to unpack to considerable sneezing and watery eyes result in people who are sensitive to dust. Somebody else unpack the Christmas decorations and cleaning. And wrap the Christmas decorations after use in sealed plastic bags.


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