It's no secret that excess weight is not touring and celebrities and famous. Suzana Mančić, Victor DDS, Vanja Udovicic, Seka Aleksic, Milena Dravić, Vesna Radusinović ... just some nutritionists who Branko Mitrovic helped to safe way to lose excess pounds. This lady finding a few catch to you easily and healthily grew gaunt.

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Each man has his own pace of life and different nutritional needs. That is why some children are not successful at all
The treatment process skidnja pounds begin when a patient enters the clinic.

 Waiting for measuring it, and then by Doctor Consultations in connection with the part of the body that is "critical."

- First we make precise measurements of the patient, weight, height, girth, percentage of fat. Followed by a conversation with their physician, and then we work on reducing weight.

The basic program lasts seven weeks. We choose the type and quantity of food. Each patient can give instructions where to buy healthy foods, and above all teach them how to prepare healthy food.

There is no magic, nicely equip you for every meal. The most important thing is that you do not starve. All children imply starvation are short of breath, and then the body weakens significantly. We cannot give up food, and they should not. Glad to be just feel the morning - The doctor says Branka.


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